Intraoral X-ray

We usually recommend this service if confirmation is needed for the diagnosis in case of a couple of teeth. This can occur if the panoramic X-ray is inaccurate at a certain area or it is recommended to be used before root fillings so as to provide the dentist with accurate data concerning the length of the root canal. In addition, a small intraoral X-ray can also be taken which shows decays and the degree of them.

During the execution of such X-ray, a so-called intraoral camera is used which provides impeccable quality images of one or more the teeth, capturing the original state, and post-treatment results. Additionally, the camera is capable of taking a series of photos capturing and saving each detail of the treatment with it, which can be handed over to the patient on a CD. In response to our environmentally conscious philosophy, using the intraoral X-ray no additional supplies such as developers and films are required which would damage our environment. During our work we do not only take care of our environment, but also the health of our patients by providing them with the radiation protection with a camera using a 90% reduced radiation dose.